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SureTriggers is undoubtedly the best Zapier alternative you can find for WordPress websites!

Powerful Automations, Affordable Price

SureTriggers is the perfect Zapier alternative for several reasons.

Zapier is 2.7 times more expensive than SureTriggers

The Zapier plugin is poorly rated with 2.2/5 stars on WordPress

Zapier lacks integrations with most of the WordPress products that you use

They are rolling out heaps of integrations at lightning speed, enabling me to turn off my expensive and error-prone Zapier connections. Excellent and responsive support too!
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SureTriggers vs Zapier

Comprehensive Side-by-Side Comparison for your automation needs

SureTriggers Features

See how SureTriggers revolutionizes workflows with its cutting-edge automation features.

Easy to set up
Visual Automation Builder
Visual Automation Builder
Multistep Automation in Zapier Alternative
Easily Create Multi-step Automations
Integrate with popular web applications and WordPress plugins
SureTriggers Team Members Invitation Featuress
Create Multiple Organizations and Invite Team Members and Clients
Powerful Formatting Tools
delay app in SureTriggers
Perform tasks at preferred times with delay and schedule app
webhooks and APIs in SureTriggers
Receive and transfer data from different sources using Webhooks and APIs

I’ve used SureTriggers for about 4 months now and it is awesome. Similar to Zapier but with a big difference in speed, pricing, and a very attentive dev team and customer support. If you are looking for a good automation service and tool you should check out SureTriggers.

I started using SureTriggers to integrate other systems than WordPress but now pretty much all the automations, including WordPress features are running through SureTriggers.

I’d give it 10 Stars if I could!

Greger Hillman

Greger Hillman

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62% More Affordable Than Zapier

SureTriggers is a budget-friendly choice compared to Zapier, offering savings of 62% without compromising the features.


Starter plan with 750 tasks


Multi-step workflows
Unlimited workflows
Zap templates
Zap paths
Delay and Schedule


Pro plan with 5,000 tasks


Multi-step workflows
Unlimited workflows
Pre-built recipes and automation templates
Re-execute failed runs automatically
Trigger Button
Delay and Schedule

Learn About All the Features Available in SureTriggers To Help You Automate Work!

Automation Logo
Visual Automation Builder

Powerful visual canvas builder enables you to build automations in just a few minutes. See your complete workflow at a glance.

Multi-step Automation

Create multi-step automations that execute a sequence of tasks automatically after a specific event occurs, all customized by you.

Web App Integration

Transfer data between your favorite apps and services like Mailchimp, Gmail, and HubSpot. SureTriggers has you covered.

WP Plugin Integration

Integrate seamlessly with all the popular WordPress plugins like Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Elementor, CartFlows, and more.

Connect Multiple Sites
Link Multiple Sites

Want to connect one WordPress website to another (e.g. you have WooCommerce installed on one site and LearnDash on another)? No problem!

Build Advanced Workflows

Customize your workflows efficiently using features like delay, schedule, conditional logic, filters, and more, enabling you to automate complex tasks.

Invite Team Members

Invite your teammates and experts to collaboratively create, manage, and streamline workflows for you in a secure and collaborative environment.

Detailed History Logs

View detailed information that one app sends to other apps in your workflows. This helps you troubleshoot errors and keep track of activities that occur in your apps.



Add delays between two step of your workflow, like sending a feedback survey after 2 days of your webinar.


Perform your tasks on fixed schedules, like sending daily reminders, or generating weekly reports.


The loop app simplifies the process of repeating actions or iterating over lists of information within your workflows.


Manipulate data that passes between apps, like changing date formats, capitalizing names, and more.

Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails, and pass it to other apps that you’re using.

RSS feed Triggers

Receive data from any website using RSS Feed, and pass it to apps like Slack.

Trigger Button

Start your workflows when your website visitors/users click a button on your WordPress sites.

Webhooks & APIs

Send and receive data from different applications or create your custom integrations using SureTriggers Webhook and API application.

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