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SureTriggers is the leading automation platform that seamlessly integrates your favorite online tools and WordPress plugins, to automate workflows and boost your business efficiency.

WordPress Automation

Supercharge your WordPress website by connecting it to other popular apps and WordPress plugins.

SaaS Integration

Connect your favorite tools and hundreds of SaaS applications so you can make them work together.

Website & Service Connections

Effortlessly connect websites and services to automate repetitive tasks from a single platform.

How Does SureTriggers Work?

Building automation is simple with SureTriggers’ user-friendly interface. Follow these 3 easy steps

Step 1: Select Your Apps

SureTriggers can connect with hundreds of popular apps, WordPress plugins, and services. Tell SureTriggers what apps you use in you in your day-to-day work and pick the ones you want to connect

Step 2: Choose a Trigger

A trigger is an event that is the starting point of automation. When a specific event occurs in one of the connected apps, you might want to initiate a series of tasks in other apps. For example, a new order in your e-Commerce platform could initiate a series of tasks in other apps. This event is called a trigger.

Choose a Trigger

Step 3: Add actions

Actions are the tasks that you want to perform with your connected apps. For example, when receiving a new order in your e-Commerce platform, the following actions could be sending an email to the customer, uploading an invoice in the accounting software, and notifying your team on Slack. You can automate all of these steps easily with SureTriggers.

Add actions

Hundreds of apps, millions of possibilities!

Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Trello, MailChimp, Zoom, Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce, SureCart, BuddyBoss, the list goes on…

SureTriggers: The All-Inclusive Automation Solution

The only app that has it all and makes everything work like a charm

Canvas Builder

A powerful visual canvas editor enables you to build your automations by dragging and dropping triggers and actions onto the canvas.

A Wide Range of Integrations

Easily connect the platform to your favorite apps and services. Whatever you need to connect, SureTriggers has you covered.

Seamless WordPress Integrations

SureTriggers integrates various WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, SureCart, Elementor, FluentCRM, and more.

Automation between multiple WordPress sites

Want to connect one WordPress website to another (e.g. you have WooCommerce installed on one site and LearnDash on another)? No problem!


Set a specific time and date for your automations to run, or set up recurring schedules to have your automations run automatically at regular intervals.


Customize your automations by adding specific conditions that must be met for certain actions to be performed.


Terminate the rest of the automation if certain conditions are not met and control which parts of the automations will run and when.


Create automations that can go in different directions (or take different paths) based on different conditions


Pause actions and make more effective automations by gaining full control over the delays, pauses, and timing.

Multi-step automations

You can create multi-step automations which can string together a series of actions that are triggered by a specific event.

Outgoing and incoming webhooks

Send and receive data to and from websites, external software, or third-party apps without any coding.


Get your data in the exact form that you need! Transform dates, casing, currency, text, and more into your preferred format.

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Increased Productivity Significantly

“I have been using SureTriggers for several months now and have seen a significant increase in my productivity. The easy-to-use interface and customizable triggers make automating repetitive tasks a breeze.

Olivia Anderson

Saved Time & Increased Revenue

“SureTriggers has been a game changer for my business. The automation features have allowed me to save so much time and energy on my daily tasks, and the result is an increase in productivity and revenue.”

Michael Johnson

Made My Life So Much Easier

“SureTriggers is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to automate their business processes. It’s user-friendly and packed with powerful features, and I’ve seen a significant increase in my productivity since I started using it.”

Matthew Brown

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