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Before submitting a ticket, try these quick troubleshooting steps to resolve common SureTriggers issues (solves 80% of problems):

  1. Update SureTriggers, WordPress, and everything in between: Ensure you’re using the latest version.
  2. Clear Cache: Clear browser cache, cookies, WordPress site, and hosting cache to eliminate conflicts.
  3. Enable REST API: If applicable, enable REST API to prevent connection issues.
  4. Check for Plugin Conflicts: Temporarily disable other plugins to identify conflicts.
  5. Recreate Workflows: If specific issues arise, recreate workflows to confirm the problem.
  6. Verify Connections: Ensure proper app connections under SureTriggers > Apps.
  7. Check Workflow History: Review triggered workflows and check for any errors.

If the issue persists, please include details about the steps you’ve tried and the specific problem you’re encountering. You can share screenshots or screen recordings of the issue.

Additional resources are available online: SureTriggers Troubleshooting

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