SureTriggers Team
October 9, 2023

Forward Incoming Emails to Any App Using Our New Email Parser! 💪

We’re excited to announce the launch of Email Parser, a new app in SureTriggers that helps you connect your email apps (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and transfer data to other apps you might be using, such as Slack or WhatsApp.

With our new Email Parser, you can do a lot of things like:

  • Create tasks in your project management tools when an email comes from a specific sender.
  • Send one-time passwords to Slack so your team doesn’t have to log in to confidential email inboxes repeatedly.
  • Create support tickets from emails coming from non-support-related email addresses.
  • Send emails with specific keywords directly to WhatsApp.

And much more!

The best part is that it is easy to use and set up.

Here’s a guide that will help you understand how you can use email parser in your workflow.

You can try it out yourself right away. And let us know if you run into any obstacles, we’re just a message away!


SureTriggers Team

SureTriggers Team
September 20, 2023

Sharing Workflows and Mapping Data Made Easier! 💪 😎

Here at SureTriggers, we’re all about making things easier and more user-friendly for you, so you can use SureTriggers to grow your business.

And today, we’re thrilled to introduce two new updates that will change the way you use SureTrigger:

  1. Share your workflows with a simple URL.
  2. Easy way to add data from the last steps in any field.

First, let’s talk about sharing workflows. With this feature, you can share your workflows with anyone over the internet using a simple URL.


It has many straightforward benefits like:

  1. Instead of having to explain your workflow to someone, you can easily share a link. This enables them to quickly understand how it works, leading to smoother collaboration.
  2. People who get a copy of your workflow won’t need to start from scratch to automate similar processes, making their work more efficient.

Cool, right?

Let’s see how it works.

How Does Sharing Work

It works in a very simple and user-friendly way. Here’s how you can share your workflows with others:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu of the workflow that you want to share.
  2. Click on “Share Workflow.”
  3. If you want to show this workflow to someone specific, type their email address in the Email Address field. You can add multiple emails by putting commas between them. But if you want anyone to be able to see your workflow through the web link, just leave the email box empty.
  4. Click on the “Update Sharing” button.

And just like that, you can share this link with anyone you want, so they can get a copy of your workflow.

Now, we hope that you’ll be able to share your workflows with others.

As a gift from us, here’s a workflow for people using SureCart that sends discount coupons, via email, to customers when they place an order for more than 200 USD. You can get this workflow in your account, make some changes, and put it to use!

If you’re curious about how you can use this workflow, here’s an article that will answer your questions.

New Way to Map Data from Last Steps

Earlier, when you add data into fields from previous steps while creating workflows, you had to make multiple clicks. Something like in the video below.

But, we’ve made things simpler for you. Now, you can simply type “@” in any field and the data dropdown will start appearing. You can scroll through the information easily, and select the value you want to add in the field.


Furthermore, when you need to input specific data into a field, you can easily search it by typing the keyword after @.

For instance, if you wish to add an email address to a field, simply type “@email,” and the relevant options will appear in the dropdown menu.

This will speed up the process of putting data from the last steps, in fields, while you create your workflows.

And if you’re wondering what would happen to your existing workflows? Well, they’ll keep working as they were without any issues. But their appearance will change.

How They Looked:


How They Will Become:


This is simply a user interface (UI) update and won’t impact how your workflows work. We know that you’ll find it helpful.

You can actually take a look at it right now in your SureTriggers account.

And, just to let you know, we’re also working on adding more integrations. So, keep an eye out for upcoming updates 😉

Till next time,

SureTriggers Team

SureTriggers Team
September 1, 2023

New Release: Duplicate & Reuse Your Workflows

We’ve been closely listening to your fantastic ideas about SureTriggers, and we’re thrilled to unveil a cool update based on your feedback! 🤩

Introducing… 🥁

🔁 The “Clone” Feature! 🎉

Now, you can effortlessly duplicate your existing workflows with this awesome addition!

🤔 Wondering what’s in it for you? Check out this video to see it in action: 📹

In the video, you’ll witness a workflow that does this: Whenever a new task is created in ClickUp, it instantly sends a message to a specific Slack channel. 📝💬

This ensures your team members are always in the loop about new tasks on their to-do lists! 🤝

But here’s the real magic ✨✨:

Let’s say you want to set up the same workflow for another team. No need to start from scratch! Thanks to the “clone” feature, you can quickly replicate the workflow, tweak the task folder, choose a different channel for notifications, and just like that, you’re good to go! 🚀🔄

Pretty cool, right? 🙌

And remember, ClickUp and Slack are just examples. You can clone ANY of your workflows to save valuable time! 🕒

Get ready to boost your productivity with SureTriggers! 🚀💪

Stay tuned for more amazing updates! 🌟


The SureTriggers Team 🚀🔥

SureTriggers Team
June 14, 2023

Announcing New Game-Changing Feature: Recipes! 🎉

We’ve got some incredible news to share today.

Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work developing game-changing features for SureTriggers. These are not just any features; they are designed to elevate your no-code automation to new heights. 

Some recent releases include Workflow History, API App, Formatters, and more.

Not just that, our team has been tirelessly adding new integrations week after week. Now we’re about to reach the 200 integration milestone soon!

And today is again one of the big days as we release one of the most desired and helpful features – Recipes!

Wondering what are recipes, why they’re awesome, and how it benefits you?

Let us walk you through it! 🌟

What are recipes? 🧩

Recipes are essentially ready-made templates. They help you understand how different apps can be connected together and the amazing possibilities they can create when you connect your apps.

And if you’re a beginner, recipes allow you to start building workflows without having to stare at the blank canvas screen. 

At the click of a button, you will have 70% of the workflow ready. Now, you just need to connect your apps and set up the rest of the automation.

What are the benefits of recipes?

Our recipe features countless benefits. They offer a multitude of advantages for automating your tasks. Let’s explore some key benefits:

Automation Inspiration

When you browse through the available Recipes, you’ll find lots of cool ideas for automation that you might not have thought about it before.

For instance, if you use Slack and Jira, you might not have realized that you can create tasks in Jira just by dropping a message in a Slack channel.

Imagine this: you’re chatting with your team on Slack, talking about a project or task.

Instead of switching between apps and manually creating the task in Jira, all you have to do is drop a message in the right Slack channel and a task is automatically made in Jira!

This integration between Slack and Jira is just one example of the many possibilities out there for automation.

So when you’re checking out Recipes, keep an open mind and be ready to discover new ways to simplify your work.


With recipes, you can import multi-step workflows into your account with apps and events selected already. All you need to do is simply configure the steps as per your needs.

If you start from scratch, you will spend a lot of time thinking about the triggers and next actions. But with recipes, we have made it easy for you.

We have connected everything between the trigger and the last action steps. You just need to fill the gaps in between.

Let’s say you have imported a recipe to create a Jira task from Slack message for convenience.

Now to make this workflow work, you just need to connect your Slack workspace and Jira account in the workflow steps.

That’s all!

Workflow Customizations

When you use a recipe as a workflow, you can customize it by adding more actions or using delays, between two actions.

Imagine you import a recipe to create Google Calendar events when a lead is collected through TypeForm.

But then you realize you want to take it a step further and send a Slack message to your team so they can connect with the lead.

Well, you can easily make that happen by including a new action within the existing workflow.

Reliability and Efficiency

Our recipes have been thoroughly tested, and they work just the way we designed them to. You can trust that they will function as intended.

This means you don’t have to waste time and effort in trial and error to see if a workflow can do what you want it to do.

For example, if the recipe is about sending a Slack message whenever a new task is created in ClickUp, rest assured, it will work seamlessly!

Learning and Skill Building

Recipes are actually pretty awesome because they give you a chance to keep learning and get better at automation.

When you follow the instructions step by step, you learn a lot about automation techniques and the best ways to do things.

And guess what? This helps you become more skilled in creating automated workflows.

Evergrowing Recipe Library

Our recipe library is constantly growing. It means that we will keep adding new recipes frequently covering all the possible and helpful automation that you can benefit from.

We aim to build recipes for e-commerce, project management, lead management, HR, accounting, social media marketing, etc.

With each new addition, you’ll have access to fresh ideas and approaches to streamline your work and make your life easier.

So, keep an eye out for the latest recipes and stay ahead in the automation game!

How to Use Recipes?

To use a recipe as a workflow, you can simply import the desired recipe in your account, set the triggers and action in it, and publish it.

The process to import the recipe is super easy. Still, here’s an article that step-by-step explains how you can import recipes into your account.

What’s Next?

Well, there’s a lot we have on our roadmap.

But first, we would really appreciate it if you try out Recipes and share your experience with us. Simply drop an email at [email protected] with your suggestions, feedback, or concerns. We love hearing from you!

And if you do not have a SureTriggers account, simply get it for free from here.

We’re currently working on some really awesome features that will make your experience with SureTriggers even better.

One of the big things we’re working on is the ability to add team members to your SureTriggers account. This means you’ll be able to invite people to create and manage your workflows.

Along with the team members feature, we’re also working on another fantastic feature: the ability to create different workspaces in your SureTriggers account. This means you can manage multiple projects all from one account.

No more hassle of switching between different accounts or platforms. Everything will be organized and easily accessible in one place.

We’re really excited about these new additions, and we think you’re going to love them too.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to take your workflow management to the next level with SureTriggers!

SureTriggers Team
February 21, 2023

SureTriggers V1.5.1

Hey there!

We’re excited to share with you the latest update for SureTriggers – V1.5.1! This update brings a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that will enhance your experience with SureTriggers.

Replay your failed workflow runs

In automation platforms like SureTriggers, there’s a rare possibility that your workflows may get triggered but the action steps may not get executed due to issues like invalid or irrelevant data being sent from the trigger, expiration of connection, server issues of the app that you’ve connected, etc. 

Now, if this happens to your workflows, you’ll get the log of workflow runs in history which help you identify which workflow runs failed and once you’ve fixed your automation, you can replay all these workflows.

Modify the data and replay your workflow runs

One possible reason why your actions may not get executed due to the data that is being passed may not be accepted by the action step. 

For ex: If you’re sending emails to your customer via SMTP after a WooCommerce purchase, but your customer added an incomplete email address during the checkout like – [email protected] which won’t be accepted by your SMTP and the step will fail.

Now, Changing data & Replay helps in this case. You can simply edit all the responses begging sent from the trigger and replay the automation that will make sure that the steps are executed again with the new data inputs!

Note: Editing and replaying the workflow will replay failed and successful steps of the workflow.

Replay multiple workflow runs at once

From the above scenario, imagine if you had 10 workflow runs that could not perform the action steps when the workflow was triggered.

Would you be required to replay them individually?


You can select the workflow runs that you want to replay after you’ve fixed the automation and simply replay them all at once!

Added Timestamp and Mili-timestamp in Date / Time Formatters

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added Timestamp and Mili-timestamp formats in the date / time formatters as a lot of different applications like SureCart accept date-time values in timestamp!

We’ve a lot more coming for the next updates like API application to help you send data from SureTriggers to other applications, some new integrations, and a few more things.

So give the current updates a try and let us know what you think of these new features!


SureTriggers Team