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Powerful Features to Help You Build Advanced Automations!

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Visual Automation Builder

Our powerful visual canvas editor enables you to build your automations in just a few minutes. You can see all the tasks your automation performs at a glance.

Multi-step Automation

Create multi-step automations that seamlessly execute a sequence of different tasks automatically after a specific event occurs, all customized by you.


Integrate With Web Apps & Services

Easily transfer data between your favourite apps and services like Mailchimp, Gmail, HubSpot, etc. Whatever you need to connect, SureTriggers has you covered.


Integrate With WordPress Plugins

SureTriggers seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress plugins like Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Elementor, CartFlows, and many more.

Connect Multiple Sites

Connect Multiple WordPress Sites

Want to connect one WordPress website to another (e.g. you have WooCommerce installed on one site and LearnDash on another)? No problem!


Build Advanced Workflows

Customize your workflows efficiently using features like delay, schedule, conditional logic, filters, and more, enabling you to automate complex tasks.


Invite Team Members

Invite your teammates and experts to collaboratively create, manage, and streamline workflows for you in a secure and collaborative environment.


Detailed History Logs

View detailed information that one app sends to other apps in your workflows. This helps you troubleshoot errors and keep track of activities that occur in your apps.


Custom Webhooks & API

Send and receive data from different applications or create your own custom integrations using SureTriggers Webhook and API application.

No-Code Visual Automation Builder

SureTriggers offers an intuitive and easy-to-use canvas that allows you to visually create your workflows. This visual representation enables you to easily view the sequence of steps and understand the actions performed, making the process incredibly convenient.

Give Custom Names to Steps
Copy, Paste, & Duplicate Steps
Zoom In & Out on Canvas
No-Code Visual Automation Builder
Create Multi-step Automation

Create Multi-step Automation

You can create multi-step automations which can string together a series of actions that are triggered by a specific event. For example, you could create an automation that automatically sends a welcome email to new customers, creates a task in your CRM to follow up with them, and adds them to your email marketing list.

Add Unlimited Steps
Conditional Execution of Setps
Create One Workflow to Accomplish Multiple Tasks

Integrate with Web Apps & Services

SureTriggers integrates with most of the popular web apps and services that you might be using, making it easy to automate tasks and transfer data between different apps.

More than 600 Integrations
Useful Triggers & Actions for All Integrations
New Integrations Every Week
Integrate with Web Apps & Services
Integrate with WordPress Plugin

Integrate with WordPress Plugins

SureTriggers has got you covered if you’re in search of an automation solution for your WordPress site. It enables seamless connections between your WordPress plugins. For example, FluentCRM, Elementor Form, LearnDash, etc. allowing you to streamline your operations and enhance your website’s functionality.

Integration with All Types of Plugins
Transfer Data from One Site to Another

I highly recommend SureTriggers

“I have been using SureTriggers for several months now and have seen a significant increase in my productivity. The easy-to-use interface and customizable triggers make automating repetitive tasks a breeze.

Olivia Anderson

Connect Multiple WordPress Sites

You can easily connect two WordPress websites, like WooCommerce and LearnDash, using SureTriggers. It enables automatic access to a related course on a separate WordPress installation when someone buys a WooCommerce product.

Connect Multiple WordPress Sites
Share Logins Between Sites
Create WordPress Users
Connect Multiple WordPress Sites
Build Advanced Workflows

Build Advanced Workflows

SureTriggers is equipped with built-in apps such as Formatter, Delay, Schedule, Filters, etc., that can help you manipulate your workflows in any way you want, such as automatically running a workflow daily.

Automate tasks with the Schedule and Delay app.
Manipulate Data with Time/Text/Number Formatter
Add Conditional Execution to Steps

Detailed History Logs

History logs are like a record of what data passes between your apps. So, if you have a workflow that adds new leads to your CRM, SureTriggers saves those details for you to see later.

History Logs Saved Upto 90 Days
Change Data from Past Workflows and Replay
Bulk Replay Failed Tasks
Detailed History Logs
Receive Data from Webhooks

Receive Data from Webhooks

There are thousands of apps and services that you can connect to SureTriggers using webhooks, even if they don’t have native integrations yet. This gives you more flexibility in terms of the apps and services you can use with SureTriggers.

Receive Data in Real Time
No Coding Knowledge Required

Custom API Integration

API in SureTriggers is super easy and you can use it to connect SureTriggers with any software or service that is not even available in SureTriggers without knowing anything about coding!

For example, you can automatically create orders in any e-commerce platform via API when a Trello card is created.

Make Custom GET, Put, POST, and Other Requests
Save & Reuse an API Across Workflows
Custom API Integration

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